Knives vs. Skullz

Knives vs. Skullz

Infinite jump, watch the spikes, throw some knives and blast some skulls. A flappy jam game.

Free for iOS
Also available on mac.


Buster Spirits

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“If you like bananas old school shooters where a million things are happening on-screen at once then Buster Spirits is for you. ” – IGN


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“Its kooky design, pixel perfect controls, and insanely challenging platforming all work together to make this title one that shouldn’t be missed. This is simply one of the finest platformers to be found on the iPhone.”  148apps


Skewers and Forks

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icon_king_1024Chess. The greatest strategy game of all time presented to you with a simple, beautiful, retro tinged flavor.


Brutal Fantasy

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Follow the lone “Knight of the Blue Guard” as he surrenders his soul to darkness in order to protect his land from the savage orc uprising.


Cut Him Up!

Experience the ultra-violent brawler that is destined to be a staple in your app collection.

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Buster Red

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“As far as fun factor is concerned this game is awesome.” –
“Kickass pen-and-ink art, rocking chunes, great enemies and bullet patterns — shooter fans need apply.” – itunes review